Trados Terminology

Easy, secure terminology management in the cloud

Manage terminology in the cloud

Trados Terminology is our next-generation terminology management solution.

It’s simple to upload, store and manage terms securely in the cloud, and easily share termbases with others. With Trados Terminology, you can ensure everyone in your translation team is using the most up-to-date termbases and, therefore, terminology within a project.

All our cloud-based solutions are tightly integrated with Trados Studio for term recognition and verification when translating content.

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It's easy to share your terminology

With Trados Terminology, it's easy to share terminology with colleagues and those outside of your organization. 

To share a termbase internally, all you need to do is add users to your cloud account and you can start sharing within your organization.

To share a termbase externally, you create a unique link, set the expiry date, and specify the level of access recipients can have. You can choose between read-only or full access with the ability to add, update and remove terms. 

Your colleagues or external partners can access the termbase online through their cloud account and use it in Trados Studio.

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Your termbases are secure

At RWS we take security seriously. So when you enjoy the benefits of cloud working with Trados Terminology, you can be assured that your data is safe and secure.

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Built on RWS Language Cloud

Trados Terminology is built on RWS Language Cloud, a scalable translation platform built from the ground up for cloud-based operation, using easy-to-deploy, always updated and secure microservices.