Chinese language version of PatBase released

The ability to navigate the database in their native language offers them wider access and greatly improved search efficiency.

The full PatBase Advanced interface, including search forms and help files, has been translated into Chinese, strengthening the position of the database as a vital global corporate resource for R&D and Competitive Intelligence.

Jointly developed by RWS and Minesoft, PatBase is this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. From the outset the focus has been not only on the scope and quality of coverage, but also its accessibility.

The new Chinese interface will improve the search experience for existing Chinese users and open up PatBase to native speakers in China and elsewhere who have yet to discover what it offers.

Combined with powerful cross-lingual search functionality including the Language Explorer, searchable translations, and on-demand machine translation tools, this latest development offers a great advantage to Chinese-speaking patent searchers.

To further boost functionality for Chinese-speakers, over 20 million European, PCT and US patent documents have been machine translated into Chinese and will soon be easily searchable from the new interface.

PatBase Advanced (designed for patent search professionals) is available with full English and Japanese interfaces, whilst PatBase Express (the end-user version) is currently available in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

To discover more about PatBase, visit or for enquiries in China contact RWS Beijing office: