Facilitating Collaboration Between RWS and Professional Interpreters

RWS enthusiastically participates in industry-related education to facilitate the advancement of the localization professionals of the future. Recently, RWS Interpreting Manager Elaine Callaghan contributed to London Metropolitan University’s Guest Lecture Programme for conference interpreting students. Entitled ‘Working with an Interpreting Agency,’ her lecture focussed on communication and the importance of interpreters and agencies working closely together.

Our premise? It is only by working as a team that we are able to ensure that the end-client receives the best possible interpreting and other language-related services, from initial planning through to the end of the engagement.

Elaine also covered topics to support the students as they complete their studies and develop their careers as simultaneous interpreters, such as:

  • Typical expectations clients have when they request interpreting services (control of costs, exceptional level of customer service, flexibility, client-specific solutions)
  • What agencies expect from their freelance interpreters (flexibility, excellent customer interaction, responsiveness)
  • How the industry is changing with respect to interpreters and technology
  • The importance of communication and teamwork between agencies and interpreters
  • How to prepare to provide freelance interpreting services to interpreting agencies and what to consider when choosing an agency to work for

In addition to a formal presentation, Elaine facilitated practical activities and case studies to allow for interaction and group discussions, such as:

  • A communication exercise to demonstrate how everyone has the same end goal, but come at it from different angles, underscoring the importance of clear communication to make sure everyone has the same understanding
  • A discussion of how interpreters should create their CVs and present themselves to agencies, including gaining experience and the benefits of continuing professional development

Ewa Jasinska-Davidson, a lecturer in Interpreting at London Metropolitan University, said, “They found your presentation really useful and we loved the practical activities.”

Facilitating Collaboration Between RWS and Professional Interpreters

The RWS Language Solutions team looks forward to the next opportunity to work with interpreters and other localization professionals in career development—since we firmly believe this type of support and education strengthens the industry as a whole.