PatBase is a global platform and is the only commercial database designed by professional searchers, for professional searchers.

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RWS originally designed an internal database to provide our searchers with a superior professional search tool. We then joined forces with Minesoft Ltd and, in 2003, launched PatBase as a powerful international patent database. Today, over 50,000 users worldwide have access to +109 million patent and related documents on a user-friendly interface available in English, Japanese and Chinese.


  1. Flexibility: choice of command line or search forms to create queries.
  2. Coverage: over 66 million full text documents from over 105 authorities worldwide, grouped in families for efficient searching.
  3. Machine translations: important data is accessible in most languages.
  4. Integrated links: click-through services to extend and verify your search beyond the front page.


  1. Customizable display: tailor the record display according to your needs.
  2. Highlighting functions: automatic keyword highlighting and a Hit Analyzer for easy review of full text.
  3. Graphical overview: snapshot tool for immediate overview of trends, or the Visual Explorer in PatBase Express to explore results.
  4. Custom display fields: tag records with valuable internal classification fields – these client-specific criteria can be made searchable.


  1. Dynamic Folders: share results folders with colleagues for collaborative work or publish to external users or clients.
  2. Alerts & RSS feeds: automatically monitor a competitor or technology area and send results to unlimited recipients.
  3. Express users: publish PatBase folders to PatBase Express to share important records with your end users.


  1. Identify emerging trends from your results and create reports to communicate your findings with colleagues.
  2. Flexible exports: batch export data in XML or CSV for analysis, or create reports in HTML, Word or Excel.
  3. Visualize patent data through detailed and transparent graphs to extract meaningful insights, gain competitive intelligence and understand the landscape.
  4. Export for further analysis: export directly to third-party tools for further analysis.
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