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Improve content performance by listening to your customers.

Conduct research, run user testing projects, validate functionality and linguistic quality and measure your content’s performance—so you can find out what works and do more of it. Use those insights to refine your workflows, reassess your technology needs and refresh your content globalization projects.

Test consulting and planning

We consult with you to design and execute tests of your products, website, software, apps—any product where user experience is a success factor. Our engineers create scripts, test plans and automations to make sure your testing initiatives drive product quality at scale.

Quality consulting and strategy

Managing quality across all your products and services in scores of languages is not easy. We work with you to develop quality standards, processes and tools based on an understanding of varying quality needs for different regions and content types. We then help you govern these standards enterprise-wide—so you can deliver clear, consistent and accurate content localized for every market.

Localization and linguistic testing

Ensure you deliver an excellent experience everywhere with linguistic testing for in-context translation accuracy and localization testing to check for formatting problems and other bugs that may have been caused during the localization process.

Functional testing

Your global users deserve a product without glitches that works smoothly as expected. Finding and fixing those problems before product launch is critical to your brand.

User Experience (UX) testing

UX testing will show you how people interact with your product or content. We gather real users in your target markets to complete tasks and provide actionable feedback so we can help you adapt and optimize for the best possible customer experience.

App testing

App users today are hard to please—and quick to uninstall. If your customers see glitches or linguistic errors in your app, the damage to your brand could be severe. Our application testing and emulator scripting services help you get high-quality, bug-free and engaging apps to global markets faster.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

If your content does not convert, then is it worth creating in the first place? But the factors that affect conversion rates are different all over the world. With our CRO services, you can build and optimize experiences that inspire users to take the action you want them to—wherever they are.

Global AI Services (GAIS)

Whether you’re deploying global virtual assistants, piloting new technology, packaging research into cutting-edge products or just beginning your artificial intelligence (AI) journey, we are your partner. Your technology enhances the human experience. Our global workforce enhances your technical performance. We operationalize AI technology and engage our global network of resources to collect and analyze data so your AI deployments work for all your customers worldwide.

Global solution experts

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And we can do the same for you.

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