Responsibility for our community

Four pillars of sustainability

For each of the four pillars identified from the materiality index, a set of policies and guidelines were established to structure RWS’s activities in each area.

Responsiblity for our community

  • RWS has established a set of corporate rules, policies and processes that define our current corporate governance model and ensure our long-term vision is
    seen through the lens of excellent governance. (SDG 16)
  • We are sensitive to changes in laws and trends in this area, and we are committed to transparency in all areas of activity. (SDG 10, SDG 16)
  • Our commitment to business ethics is managed by the Board through the CEO and the CFO to ensure ethical behaviour is integrated across all our teams and geographies through our Corporate Governance Code and associated policies, which are all visible on the Group’s intranet. (SDG 16)
  • We ensure disclosure and promote observance of our Corporate Governance Code across all divisions, suppliers and contractors. (SDG 16)
  • RWS has a zero tolerance against corruption, and therefore we require suppliers and partners to observe professional and honest business practices. (Aligned to the UK’s Bribery Act 2010). (SDG 8, SDG 16)
  • As a socially responsible company, we are an active and positive participant in local matters in the communities in which we operate. (SDG 4)
  • A risk to RWS is the future availability of linguists. We have taken steps to encourage young people to study languages and consider a career in the language profession. We have done this through the sponsorship of language students at the University of Manchester and activities at schools that have evidenced a passion for teaching languages. In this way we hope to be able to help in the growth and development of tomorrow’s industry leading translators. (SDG 4)
  • All of RWS’s corporate sponsorship is in line with the Group’s Charitable Giving, Sponsorship and Collections policy and is aimed towards promoting the learning of languages by young people from non-privileged backgrounds. (SDG 4)

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