RWS and the Outward Bound Trust project

RWS has agreed to make a regular donation to the Trust that will enable a number of young people to go on a five-day residential course, helping them to develop through outdoor adventure in the wilderness. RWS’s involvement also embraces employees acting as ambassadors and participating in the project.

The RWS ambassadors were selected on the following criteria:

  • What they were able to offer the project
  • What they would gain themselves from participating

The successful RWS applicants visit the selected schools and talk to the students about the importance of learning a language in today’s world and the work that RWS performs. In addition, the RWS employees attend the Outward Bound Trust residential course and participate alongside the students in the various activities, acting as both role models and mentors. These activities will benefit the students and will also enhance the skills of the RWS staff.