Acting on the Customer Voice

Customer feedback is liquid gold—it’s the key to improving products and services. But as that content comes in—often in a variety of forms and languages—it’s difficult to aggregate and analyze it, much less create and act on recommendations.

One of our clients—an SaaS giant—collected feedback from customers in 30 markets via a form on their website. The form had a comments box where customers could provide the input on the sales or support process, the website, or the product itself. This open-ended content was very difficult to aggregate and normalize. Often, comments were not in English. And the client had no resources to dedicate to the analysis. Because of all these challenges the feedback went unused, missing a huge opportunity to ensure a great customer experience.

Here’s how we helped

First, Moravia provided a resource dedicated to resolving the issue. We then created a workflow to sort, aggregate and organize the feedback. Via Machine Translation we provided the client with all the content in English. We then conducted a bi-weekly analysis that consolidated and summarized the feedback, highlighting issues and trends. We also suggested fixes that would immediately improve user experience.


  • Trends surfaced, including the most ‘hated’ webpages
  • Identified gaps in the support process
  • Data used to get buy-in and drive action plans internally
  • Improved customer experience