Bringing Functional and Linguistic Excellence Home

A first impression can be a lasting impression, and for global businesses, that means releasing fully functional, user friendly products right out of the box, no matter what language their customers speak. Anything else is brand-damaging.

Our client, a leading smart-home device manufacturer, had been conducting functional and linguistic tests of their devices for their three target markets. But with ambitious expansion goals and an in-house team of just three testers, keeping up was impossible. They needed to expand their team without headcount, collaborate without managing them, and test in a secure environment to keep IP under control.

Here’s how we helped

  • Recruited native speakers of the target languages with testing experience and familiarity with home security products
  • Onboarded a team of 10 testers in just 4 weeks
  • Established key performance indicators and productivity targets
  • Adapted English testing plans and scripts for the localized languages
  • Conducted testing in our secure Monterey, CA, office—mere minutes from the client
  • Implemented a bug-tracking system for managing changes
  • Collaborated closely with the client as an extension of their team


  • Language scope more than doubled in less than one year
  • Updates released on-time, with testing cycles of under 2 weeks
  • Testing team grew 300% in 6 months
  • Nearly 25% more bugs are caught pre-release
  • Original testers able to take on higher value tasks