Centralized Localization Halts Chaos

As enterprises grow and go increasingly global, programs can quickly get out of control: scattered stakeholders, merged departments, different visions, and disparate processes wreak havoc on teams, program quality, and localization budgets.

Our client—a software giant based in the Pacific Northwest—needed to streamline and centralize their international customer support localization program to reduce chaos, speed up work, and cut global delivery costs.

Here’s how we helped

  • Onboarded a global team with centralized management and a single point of contact
  • Optimized role locations for talent excellence and cost efficiency in a continuous follow-the-sun production environment
  • Learned to use a complex set of legacy website management tools despite lack of process or tool documentation
  • Extracted knowledge out of thousands of files from half a dozen repositories dating back more than a decade
  • Developed clear, automated reporting
  • Centralized documentation of tools, processes, reports, and optimization initiatives on the client’s internal portal
  • Provided a central portal through which stakeholders can submit and track jobs


  • Streamlined localization, engineering, and management of support sites
  • 8-week ramp-up of more than 2 dozen professionals
  • Smooth transition with zero downtime
  • Estimated cost savings of more than 45%