Ensuring Community Members Are on Their Best Behavior

Quick online assistance and accurate support make for an excellent customer experience. User forums play a large part in this—where users can ask questions, log problems, and exchange information. Yet, any global enterprise who has a customer forum knows that sometimes posted content can get out of control—especially when there are huge volumes. It’s necessary to have someone manage and moderate that online activity in order to ensure content usefulness and brand value for consumers.

Our client—a consumer electronics giant—had discussion boards in Korea that were riddled with T&C infractions. They needed immediate moderation, but with thousands of posts, our client could not handle the work in-house. Nor did they want to recruit, train, and manage resources for the task.

Moravia built a managed service to ensure the user activity was appropriate and ultimately helpful.

Here’s what we did

  • Recruited, trained, and managed moderators
  • Built a team to moderate 7 days/week; 4-6 hours/day
  • Brought on additional resources when posting volumes peaked
  • Reviewed, edited, accepted, rejected, and modified user-generated content
  • Resolved the vast majority of posts within minutes
  • Devised and implemented strategies to improve the overall customer service experience
  • Added support for two other regions in short order: Japan and China


  • Useful and appropriate content
  • Increased membership in community
  • Quick resolution of posts
  • Improved user experience