Determining Worldwide Preferences

Enterprises going global often have no idea if their product will be well-received in each locale. Guesswork can result in a colossal loss of money; success can cement brand reputation and boost sales. What will local users think of your product? Do they have any use for it? Would they like it, but with small adaptations? The only way to find out is by conducting market research.

Our client—a global electronics giant—wanted to know whether certain music and video genres would be well received by their target demographics in 12 countries.

They also needed to know whether users of their online store in several countries would prefer to view it in their native language or in English.

Here’s how we did it

We recruited media enthusiasts in the desired age ranges, then developed and sent them a survey asking for their reactions to various category names. We also asked questions on politics and regional history that could affect the appropriateness of the category names.

We also asked this sample population about their language preferences when shopping for and interacting with the client’s product online.


  • Uncovered which genres and names were acceptable
  • Customized music categories per market that were well received
  • Found that most cultures’ purchasing habits would not change if the site remained in English
  • Optimized English store to maximize ROI
  • Eliminated decision making by guesswork by providing data