Establishing a Quality Framework

As enterprises grow, acquisitions are often part of the growth strategy. However, bringing on a new company often means having to assimilate different quality processes. Huge variations in quality standards and procedures can cause inconsistencies, errors, and ultimately impact user experience.

One of our clients—a software giant based in the Pacific Northwest—needed to integrate and build a new framework for linguistic quality management following an acquisition.

Here’s how we helped

  • Analyzed both quality assessment forms and found significantly different metrics used to determine the pass/fail status of a linguistic project.
  • Crafted a new process using the best metrics from each approach.
  • Formed a baseline by defining quality company-wide.
  • Developed a process that eliminated translation flaws and process inconsistencies.
  • Proposed and developed a tool that would collect linguistic program data from all vendors and roll it up into a clear, intuitive dashboard.


  • No more confusion or questions due to unclear quality definitions
  • Data collection and analysis allow for business decisions based on facts
  • Improved translation consistency
  • Optimized workflow and improved QA process shortened turnaround time by 25%