Global English Reduces Localization Costs

When millions of enthusiastic customers around the world start to engage with your product, growth happens quickly. That sea of consumers needs nearly endless product and support content—in their own language. Machine Translation (MT) is the way to go to process volumes that high, but when your source content is sub-par, translation quality won’t hit the mark.

Our client—one of the world’s largest online retailers—had ever-increasing volumes of content, but their source had significant quality issues, making the content difficult and costly to translate. Further, references for the distributed content team were mostly missing, and if in place, used inconsistently. Plus, poor quality was being replicated in each localized version.

Here’s how we did it

  • Created a Global English approach that facilitated end quality
  • Developed and deployed custom authoring tools to ease the writing process
  • Established source content memories so approved content could be reused
  • Built guidelines, templates, and style guides so writers could create consistent content more easily
  • Automated content evaluation to determine compliance with guidelines
  • Deployed a Machine Translation + post-editing workflow


  • Faster content generation
  • More consistency across all content types
  • Higher quality localized content; fewer linguistic bugs found
  • Seamless content workflow from source creation through multilingual publishing