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Running a testing team involves recruiting, navigating labor laws, onboarding, managing daily work, and handling HR concerns. It’s even more complicated when resources can’t work offsite due to IP and security issues. Businesses must find a way to staff and manage these teams, all while focusing on their core business.

Our client—a Fortune 100 consumer electronics giant based in Silicon Valley—came to us for help building and managing an onsite testing team.

Each resource needed to be native, bilingual, familiar with the client’s products, and within driving distance of our client’s headquarters. Also, the work was 2-5 days per week as needed—tricky to staff because of the part-time and fluctuating nature of the work.

Here’s how we helped

  • Developed a model for recruiting highly specialized linguistic testers including sourcing, testing, evaluating, and onboarding candidates
  • Found dozens of diverse bilingual resources living near Silicon Valley able to handle irregular, part-time work
  • Scaled the team from a handful to scores of resources as the program grew
  • Trained team on our client’s processes and stylistic preferences
  • Managed all aspects of resource management, scheduling, and deployment to the client’s facilities
  • Navigated complex labor law, and work permit issues


  • Dedicated, long-term resources enabling knowledge retention
  • No compromise to security protocols that safeguard their intellectual property
  • Elimination of HR management concerns
  • Reduced bugs and waste in making fixes
  • Excellent customer reception in target markets