Creating SEO-focused Destination Descriptions

Travelers are increasingly likely to research and book their trips online. This means that accurate, readable, easy-to-find content is an essential part of creating a positive user experience.

Our client—one of the world’s largest online travel agents—relies on winning the battle for search engine visibility with relevant, searchable content. This client needs a high volume of articles accurately describing cities, landmarks, and attractions, to support their overall content marketing strategy and boost bookings. These 500-word pieces combine easy-to-read text with SEO elements including keywords, HTML, and meta tags.

How we did it

  • Recruited and onboarded a team of writers with the necessary skills using a custom testing and training process
  • Created style and tone sheets to help writers maintain the client’s brand and tone
  • Developed productivity tools to make sure the SEO requirements were efficiently and reliably met
  • Implemented a QA process to minimize editing time and consistently pass the client’s QA audits
  • Developed a process to respond to urgent marketing copy requests


  • Completed over 3,000 articles for 8 geographical markets
  • Consistent on-time delivery while passing client’s quality audits
  • A highly skilled team in place to meet new project demands at short notice
  • Automation systems in place to identify and eliminate common market-specific errors