Making the World More Social

There is a race for social media providers to reach new markets ahead of competitors: currently a staggering 2.87 billion people use social media, yet those people are only 37% of the market potential.

Our client, a US-based social media giant, was in a state of chaos trying to handle 900 projects a month across 25 languages—manually. Managing those jobs took up an astounding 40 hours per day. And the workload was increasing. Also, there were lots of errors—typical when processes are all manual. To get rid of this waste and handle the growth, they needed to optimize their process, automate where possible, and scale without adding headcount.

Here’s how we did it:

We adapted our in-house workflow platform, Symfonie, to work with DropBox, data sources, and other client tools using custom scripts. The new workflow centralizes hundreds of work requests, collects source files, automates prep/processing tasks, provides notifications, tracks reviews, collects reviewer feedback, and analyzes TM leverage automatically.


  • Freed up 60 hours per week of manual work
  • Reduced file handling and transactional activities by 50%
  • Eliminated need to increase headcount went away
  • Team could focus on higher-value tasks
  • Cost reduction of 10% due to efficiency gains