Providing More Knowledge Base Content—To Everyone

Most enterprise companies find that investing in online user support content reduces demand for expensive chat- or phone-based support. However, increasing volumes and global demand pinch a localization budget and stretch current processes.

Our client, the customer support division of a global software giant, manages tens of thousands of knowledge base (KB) articles across several global support sites, and content was growing quickly as products increased in number, frequency of release, and complexity.

They needed to reduce global support costs, improve user experience, and increase the amount of KB content available to global users. In 40 languages.

Here’s how we helped

  • We inventoried tens of thousands of words of localized content using a proprietary and custom filtering methodology
  • Our tool identified previously translated text prior to the localization stage, and excluded it from translation
  • We machine translated the remainder, using an MT engine trained in the customer’s domain and with the customer’s past content.
  • Expert post-editors reviewed the newly translated content.


  • Pre-filtering removed 46% of new KB article content from translation
  • Reduced engineering and translation time and costs significantly
  • Increased volume of localized KB content by 35%
  • Per-word and per-article costs reduced by nearly 20%