Simplifying Complexity Through Automation

All global enterprises have to optimize translation workflows to reduce churn, avoid errors, and improve end-user quality. But if you have no internal technical or process expertise, that’s incredibly challenging.

With file volumes in the thousands per day, our client—a Tokyo-based manufacturer of some of the world’s most advanced document imaging, printing, and management solutions—struggled to keep pace with file handoffs and frequent updates. They had an overly complex workflow and hoped that customizing their translation management system (TMS) would simplify complex processes and help translators solve issues earlier in the process.

Yet they didn’t have technical expertise in-house and could not find a vendor who knew how to code within the TMS environment.

Moravia provided that missing expertise—and the results exceeded expectations.

Here’s how we did it:

First, we automated a variety of file pre- and post-processing tasks within the TMS to replace a complex manual workflow, reduce time spent by project coordinators, and eliminate human error. Then we built checks for specific character sets that rendered the translated GUI within the TMS and restricted content length, allowing linguists to fix issues before build.


  • 500% ROI on custom workflow development
  • Control gained over a complex localization program
  • Higher quality user experience across all target languages
  • Greater efficiency and agility completing new translations and updates