Taking Beloved Toys Global

In the digital age, consumer brands need to be content brands too. Our client, a leading toy manufacturer, needed A LOT of digital content to support multiple product releases a year in 13 different languages.

So we designed a new workflow using expert teams with technical and cultural expertise to create a stream of localized, multilingual campaign assets for delivery over the web and email—to land at the same time in each region.

The content was honed to engage audiences in each locale, but still saved the client 15% per market release over their previous process.

Here’s how we did it

  • Built a scalable localization team with cultural expertise
  • Performed quality assurance of each release within the client’s tool
  • Managed the localized assets in our client’s marketing automation platform, uploading the content and creating in-language webpages
  • Maintained tight security to prevent IP leaks


  • In six weeks, transitioned, localized, and published 90,000 words of material in four languages
  • Expanded their localization program from four markets to 12 in six months
  • Saved the client 15% per market release over their previous process