Transcreation Makes You Super Local

It takes an impactful, locally-relevant brand to connect with potential buyers and increase sales. And once localization is involved, preserving and embedding a brand in each target market comes down to adaptation. Localizing your brand (or not) can be wildly successful or a complete flop, hurting sales and damaging reputation. But it’s not simple translation we’re talking about: it’s a special approach called transcreation.

Our client—a well-known multinational telecommunications company—was missing revenue targets in 15 markets because of problems in their marketing approach. Design elements were not consistent across smartphone models, and their translations were ‘off’ for each target market. As a result, consumers were not receptive to this client’s brand.

Here’s what we did

  • Engaged highly specialized transcreation and marketing linguists and provided them with deep brand training
  • Customized the process to ensure quality and speed, including multiple translation and stakeholder review cycles
  • Conducted user testing to ensure effectiveness of taglines and slogans, e.g. ‘small device, big experience’
  • Created glossaries, style guides, and TMs for optimal linguistic consistency
  • Developed tools to automate quality checks


  • Optimized content that resonates with customers in each locale
  • Consistent design elements across three different smartphones
  • Preserved brand voice and intent worldwide
  • Successful launches and increased sales in all 15 target markets