Video Replaces Live Support

Global enterprises are keenly aware of the rise in popularity of online product support videos. It’s tricky and expensive, however, to provide those videos in the languages of all your customers. Budgets are limited, and it’s much cheaper to just localize knowledge base articles, but your customers need and deserve videos to improve their customer experience.

Our client—the product support division of a Pacific Northwest software giant—needed a more cost-effective solution for producing high quality support videos to replace less effective text-based support content.

Here’s how we did it

  • Identified the best candidate articles: most common support issues, product demos, and most popular “how-to” content
  • Created localization friendly source file videos
  • Replaced the most expensive production elements (such as live voice) with other professional options (such as text-to-speech and subtitles)
  • Developed dozens of high-quality localized support videos


  • 70% cost reduction in video production
  • “Neutral” English baseline videos easy to localize
  • Increased global support site usability and inbound traffic
  • Greatly expanded localized product support video library—at same budget