Content Creation and Multimedia

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  • Content creation—Editing, authoring and designing video and interactive content, as well as optimizing content for localization and other markets.
  • Content management and publishing—Integrating enterprise-grade translation management technology with your own content management, publishing and analytics tools to automate and manage your content across platforms and target locales.
  • Content maintenance—Updating content to keep it fresh, relevant, on-brand and in line with your portfolio of services and products as you grow internationally.
  • Voice and text—Our professional in-house production studios deliver voiceovers in nearly 100 languages. We also offer cost-effective alternatives like subtitling and text-to-speech, complete with post-production.
  • Multimedia engineering and strategy—Conducting market research and surveys to determine your multimedia strategy for each market, then localizing, building and testing engaging video and multimedia experiences: design, voice recording, subtitling and text-to-speech included.

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Our linguistic, cultural and subject-matter experts help Fortune 50 enterprises and some of the world’s fastest-growing brands create and manage impactful content to inform, educate and connect with their customers around the world.

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