Content Strategy

Our content strategy services

  • Content audit and analysis—The first step in any global content strategy is understanding where you stand today. To help you do that, we analyze your existing content to ensure ease of localization, flag potential points of difficulty and identify gaps in your content portfolio.
  • Market research and analysis—When you enter a new market, you need to be confident you have chosen (and invested) wisely. We combine comprehensive market research with local expertise to give you a better picture of the market opportunity and competitive landscape.
  • Content creation and copywriting—Successfully going global takes more than just localizing your existing content. Whether you need product descriptions, blog posts, whitepapers or web pages, RWS can create new content in your home-market language at scale—in text, audio, visual and multimedia formats.
  • Content management—When you add global scale to your content operations, we show you how to harness the tools, platforms and processes that support and drive content strategy workflows across the entire content lifecycle.
  • Content maintenance and transformation—We optimize the value of your existing materials over time, including converting or repurposing content into the most effective formats.

The RWS editorial team at a glance

  • Dedicated internal editorial team based in the US and UK
  • Experts in content strategy for digital marketing
  • Freelance pool of over 150 writers
  • Capacity to create over 2 million words per month of English content
  • Writers categorized by experience in verticals, content types and local knowledge
  • Parallel teams for content creation in other languages

We are RWS

Experts in advising how to best plan and develop your global content. Some of the world’s leading brands trust us to rapidly deploy highly skilled pools of writers, deliver structured content on a massive scale and meet required quality standards. Our full content lifecycle approach, including project design, creation of localization-ready content and asset maintenance, will help you produce the most effective content for your global markets.

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