Supply Chain and Recruitment

Fast, flexible resourcing

To ensure maximum flexibility and breadth of talent, we use a combination of vendors and in-house resources.

  • Vendor relations—Our dedicated Vendor Relations Management Team sources highly specialized partners—subject-matter experts, cultural experts, creative resources, post-editors, testers, keyword researchers and more—across hundreds of countries and languages.
  • Supply chain monitoring and analysis—RWS maintains a robust system using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for tracking, evaluating and improving our vendors’ performance. We conduct stringent quality reviews of our vendors to confirm that they are performing as expected.
  • Community resourcing—We leverage both a global network of freelance translators and smaller networks of vetted communities that we train on your specialized, targeted content to cost-effectively handle the increasing speeds and volumes necessary for you to stay competitive.
  • Managed services and outsourcing—Our managed services programs can build and manage the ongoing work of client-dedicated teams, including translation, technical writing and editing services. Our methodology supports the full recruitment lifecycle—profiling, sourcing, qualifying, interviewing, onboarding and managing—and adapts to your specific requirements, guidelines and training materials.

We are RWS

We take a collaborative, creative approach to supply chain and recruitment. We match best-fit resources to your unique content and program requirements and provide transparent linguist performance data so you can confidently leave your projects in our hands.

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