Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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We’ve gathered up the latest in foreign patent filing news just for you:

  • Officials from 24 European member states signed the Unitary Patent Court (UPC) agreement this week.
  • A recent Reuters report showed a significant increase in patent application filings from the BRICK countries.
  • A new Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program has commenced between the patent offices of Japan and Eurasia.
  • China is looking to double its invention patent filings by 2015, with a emphasis on research investment across all industries.

In other news: The new patent law changes under the America Invents Act are only weeks away from coming into force. Learn more>

Chinese Intellectual Property News

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Our colleagues at AFD China recently shared these news pieces from the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO):

Newly revised Measures for Compulsory Licensing of Patent Implementation to come into force

In effect May 1, 2012, the Measures for Compulsory Licensing of Patent Implementation will likely benefit the public interest, especially in the field of medicine. These measures are expected to have a positive impact on compulsory licensing for generic drug manufacturing.

Created in China: The Power of Invention Patents

Image source: SIPO.

The graphs shown above represent the top 10 Chinese provinces and municipalities for which invention patents were granted in 2011. The total inventory of patents surpassed 350,000 and for the first time in China’s history, the number of applications granted by domestic companies exceeded those of the foreign-based companies.

According to a report released by WIPO , China filed over 16,000 PCT applications in 2011, up 33.4% from the year prior. This growth rate was sharper than any other PCT jurisdiction in the world. As of 2011, China is the fourth largest user of the PCT system with its top applicant, ZTE Corporation, publishing over 2,800 applications in the year.

Filing a PCT patent application into China? Click here for country-specific information on the filing process in China and other foreign jurisdictions as well.