Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Hi everyone! Here’s what we found in the way of foreign filing news from the first week of April:

  • The USPTO and Kaufman Foundation will hold the first Patents for Humanity Ceremony in DC next week.
  • A recent article from IPWatchdog discusses how innovation in the mobile computing industry has evolved over the last decade.
  • Why Innovators Get Better With Age” – A NY Times article looks at “innovation potential” as it relates to a person’s age.
  • India’s Supreme Court rules on one of the largest drug patent cases, one that was over a decade in the making.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Sit back in the saddle and put on your spectacles… it’s round up time!

  • The US Department of Commerce’s USPTO announced the creation of a new Office of International Patent Cooperation (OIPC), led by Mark Powell.  Read more.
  • More news out of the USPTO: Patents for Humanity was renewed as an annual program, recognizing businesses, inventors, non-profits, and universities.
  • Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy postponed a patent reform bill, making this the fourth time the panel has delayed action on the bill.
  • Are you registering for a trademark in the near future?  We understand how costly this process can be for entrepreneurs and business owners.  Check out these three tips to maximize your savings.
  • inovia news: Please check out the list of upcoming events we have lined up.  We’ll be all over the globe this year and would love to get together.

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