Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Hello everyone! Take a look at what’s been happening this week in the foreign patent filing space:

  • To date, 25 member countries have signed on the new European unitary patent system.
  • The USPTO has updated its IP Awareness Tool, a great resource for innovators looking to educate themselves on protecting intellectual property.
  • March is already here, and so the countdown begins to March 16th: The Final Chapter of the America Invents Act.
  • China’s one millionth granted invention patent “illustrates progress” for the country’s innovative future.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Here’s a recap of the patent/foreign filing news from this week:

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Chinese Intellectual Property News

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Our friends at AFD China recently informed us of news from the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO):

SIPO releases five year plan for patent examination
In SIPO’s latest five year plan, covering China’s patent examination practices from 2011-2015, the office revealed that it expects to review 1.85 million inventions, 3.2 million utility models and 3 million designs in that span.

China’s first IPR exhange opens to ease financial difficulties for SMEs
China introduced a pilot intellectual property right (IPR) exchange on Saturday. This program is the first of its kind in China.

ZTE leaps to top with 974 PCT applications in Q1
In total, the company has filed 35,000 international patent applications, 90% of which are invention patents.

Visit the SIPO website to learn more about these developments.

Chinese Intellectual Property News – November 2012

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Take a look at the latest intellectual property developments in China, provided to us by our friends at AFD China:

  • A nationwide survey for the 2013 China Brand Power Index was launched last month as part of a growing effort to protect the IP rights of both foreign and domestic products.
  • The 2012 China International Patent Fair attracted more than 1,700 companies this year, with over 5,700 patents on display.
  • China has become Microsoft’s largest research base outside of the United States.

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For more information on foreign filing in China:

Chinese Intellectual Property News

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Our colleagues at AFD China recently shared these news pieces from the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO):

Newly revised Measures for Compulsory Licensing of Patent Implementation to come into force

In effect May 1, 2012, the Measures for Compulsory Licensing of Patent Implementation will likely benefit the public interest, especially in the field of medicine. These measures are expected to have a positive impact on compulsory licensing for generic drug manufacturing.

Created in China: The Power of Invention Patents

Image source: SIPO.

The graphs shown above represent the top 10 Chinese provinces and municipalities for which invention patents were granted in 2011. The total inventory of patents surpassed 350,000 and for the first time in China’s history, the number of applications granted by domestic companies exceeded those of the foreign-based companies.

According to a report released by WIPO , China filed over 16,000 PCT applications in 2011, up 33.4% from the year prior. This growth rate was sharper than any other PCT jurisdiction in the world. As of 2011, China is the fourth largest user of the PCT system with its top applicant, ZTE Corporation, publishing over 2,800 applications in the year.

Filing a PCT patent application into China? Click here for country-specific information on the filing process in China and other foreign jurisdictions as well.