The Patent Prosecution Highway Goes Global


In previous articles, we’ve reported on developments regarding Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programs. In a nutshell, PPH

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programs are bilateral agreements between countries wherein an allowed or granted patent in one country would allow the applicant to fast-track examination of the corresponding application in another country, assuming that certain requirements are met. There are numerous benefits to PPH programs and their proliferation and use have grown significantly in recent years. For the applicant, electing the PPH shortens pendency time and increases the likelihood of grant. For patent offices, workload is reduced since the earlier patent office presumably has performed much of the “heavy lifting” associated with examination.

Recently, it was announced that a Global Patent Prosecution Highway will come into effect on January 6, 2014. The Global PPH will involve 13 patent offices and will follow a single set of requirements, thus simplifying the numerous bilateral PPH programs currently in place around the world. The 13 member offices are IP Australia, Canadian IP Office, Danish Patent & Trademark Office, National Board of Patents & Registration of Finland, Japan Patent Office, Korean IP Office, Nordic Patent Institute, Norwegian Industrial Property Office, Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property, Russian Federal Service for IP, Spanish Patent & Trademark Office, United Kingdom IP Office, and the US Patent & Trademark Office.

More details on the Global PPH Program can be found here.

Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Hi everyone! Here’s what we found in the way of foreign filing news from the week of September 23rd:

  • The Unitary European Patent system is raising litigation concerns for US companies, including tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.
  • The five largest IP offices in the world agreed to launch a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program to fast track patent examination procedures and utilize each others available work.
  • This article looks at the challenges universities are facing regarding licensing issues.
  • inovia news:  We are excited to participate in events all around the world throughout the fall and winter.  We’d love to see you there!

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Industry Updates from WIPO’s PCT Newsletter

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Hi everyone! Each month, we comb through WIPO’s PCT Newsletter to share the latest news affecting the international patent system. As always, there are several country-specific rules, fee changes and patent office notifications to report. You can check out some of these updates below:

Poland (PL)

As of October 2013, any patent attorney registered to practice before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland may act as an agent.

International Bureau (IB)

As from January 1st, 2014, there will be the following fee changes payable to the IB as a receiving office:

  • Transmittal fee: EUR 81, USD 111

  • Priority document: USD 55

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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We’ve gathered up the latest in foreign patent filing news just for you:

  • Officials from 24 European member states signed the Unitary Patent Court (UPC) agreement this week.
  • A recent Reuters report showed a significant increase in patent application filings from the BRICK countries.
  • A new Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program has commenced between the patent offices of Japan and Eurasia.
  • China is looking to double its invention patent filings by 2015, with a emphasis on research investment across all industries.

In other news: The new patent law changes under the America Invents Act are only weeks away from coming into force. Learn more>

Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Hi everybody! Here are some of the foreign filing stories we’ve gathered from the first week of March:

  • The EPO broke down statistics from a record-breaking 2012, highlighting the historical significance of the new unitary patent.
  • Three judges began work this week at Denver’s newly-opened satellite patent office.
  • A new patent prosecution highway program launched between the patent offices of Japan and Eurasia.
  • Samsung led the world in European patent filings in 2012, with “digital communication” patents as a group increasing by over 20%.
  • inovia news: We added many new countries to our global network over the past few months. For a complete list of the jurisdictions we cover, click here.

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New PCT Patent Prosecution Highway Between Japan and Eurasia

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On February 15, a patent prosecution highway pilot program launched between the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) and the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO). The new program allows applicants (from both countries) the opportunity to fast-track examination of their application if the invention is deemed patentable by either patent office. This PCT-PPH with the EAPO marks the 25th IP jurisdiction to form a partnership with Japan.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a bitterly cold week here in Manhattan, so we certainly hope you’re faring better wherever you are! See below for this week’s roundup of our favorite foreign filing news:

  • Facebook may have another patent lawsuit on the horizon, as more questions of intellectual property infringement arise.
  • A new patent prosecution highway has launched between Denmark (DKPTO) and China (SIPO) allowing applicants the possibility to fast track examination.
  • The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) released a notice reminding applicants of the guidelines associated with amending a PCT application.
  • China continues its crackdown on IP infringement, announcing a number of different initiatives set to take effect this year.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Hi everyone! We’re wrapping up this week with a look at the best foreign filing news from around the world:

  • The EPO reported a record number of activities for 2012, with over 65,000 granted patents published.
  • The USPTO is teaming up with the Smithsonian Institution to host this year’s Innovation Expo.
  • WIPO’s newly released 2012 IP Indicators Report shows another record year for global patent filings.
  • Our own, Jeff Shieh, provided a quick update on the new PCT-PPH programs that launched this year. Read more >

If you’re an IP professional in the United States, we invite you to participate in our US IP Trends Survey. Each year, we analyze the foreign filing strategies of US patentees and gauge the outlook for the coming year, covering topics such as IP budget changes, preferred filing destinations, and more.

Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Hi everyone! Take a look at some of the latest stories in foreign filing over the past week:

  • Check out this 5-minute guide to Europe’s newly-passed unified patent court system.
  • Our own New York senator, Charles Schumer, introduced a bill this week that targets patent trolls.
  • Here’s a great article we found that details the (relatively-new) patent prosecution highway system.
  • inovia news: A few members of our team attended an LES event last week to celebrate World IP Day and connect with fellow IP professionals in the city. Discussion topics included the America Invents Act, software IP rights and more.

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