Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Good morning readers!  As summer draws to a close, September is already off to a busy start here in our New York Office.  For your consideration, we have been gathering the latest headlines in foreign patent filing news for the week of September 2nd:

  • Many may not be aware that companies have been patenting gestures for up to two decades.  Check out this article that shows 10 physical moves that have been patented (some may surprise you!)
  • Although it seems there will be many cost and efficiency advantages to the European Unitary Patent system, this article looks at what possible drawbacks the new plan may yield.
  •  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced that they will host the Second Anniversary Forum of the American Invents Act on September 16th. 
  • In country-specific news, Japan has decided to introduce a new registration system allowing businesses to trademark sounds, colors, and moving images. 

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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It’s that time of the week again! Below, I’ve recapped the latest headlines in foreign patent filing news for the week of January 6th:

  • Apple and Samsung have finally agreed to sit down and discuss settlement opportunities surrounding smartphone related patents. 
  • Social media giant Pinterest, might be forced to change its name in Europe after the name was already trademarked in January 2012.
  • The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) announced this week that they plan to share pre-1920 data with other IP Offices.  
  • According to this WIPO report, global patent filings saw the fastest growth in over 18 years.

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Study Finds One in Three Jobs in Europe Generated by IP Industry


The EPO released a report on September 30th detailing the effect of Intellectual Property Rights on the economy in the European Union.  The publication looked at the impact of IPR in terms of GDP, employment, wages and trade.  The study concluded that an overwhelming 40% of all economic activity in Europe is generated by IPR industries.  Broken down, this accounts for €4.7 trillion generated in income and 77 million jobs, or 35% of all current employment. 

Internal Market and Services Commissioner Michel Barnier explained how these IP related industries impact all sectors of the economy: “I am convinced that intellectual property rights play a hugely important role in stimulating innovation and creativity, and I welcome the publication of this study. It will help us to further underpin our evidence-based policy making. What this study shows us is that the use of intellectual property rights in the economy is ubiquitous: from high-tech industries to manufacturers of sports goods, games, toys and computer games, all are making intensive use of not just one, but often several types of IP rights.” 

The study, Intellectual Property Rights intensive industries: contribution to economic performance and employment in Europe, focuses on all facets of Intellectual Property including patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights .  The publication covers over 300 industries (engineering, real estate, manufacturing of cars, retail, computers and pharmaceuticals to name a few). As this report concludes, almost half of all EU industries are IP-intensive and 90% of Europe’s trade with the rest of the globe is as a result of these industries.

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Foreign Filing Roundup

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Good morning! To wrap up the week, we have gathered the latest updates in foreign patent filing news:

  • Two upcoming Supreme Court decisions could mean trouble for patent trolls, potentially making it much more expensive to file frivolous suits.
  • Cadbury recently lost a five year battle to register a distinctive shade of purple as a trademark.
  • The USPTO will host its next public Software Partnership Meeting on December 5th in Alexandria, VA. These meetings are an opportunity to bring shareholders together to share ideas and experiences relating to the software community.
  • The EPO recently signed an agreement with the Republic of San Marino on national patent searches.

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Registering a Trademark in the US (inovia webinar)

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Earlier this week, inovia‘s Senior Patent Attorney Jeff Shieh hosted a webinar on US trademark registration. Click on the below video to view the 20-minute program and let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Hi everyone! Here’s a roundup of the latest foreign filing/patenting news from the week of January 7th:

  • The USPTO opened a new Patent and Trademark resource center this week, and it’s right in our backyard!
  • It’s been exactly one month since the European Parliament adopted the unitary patent. This article details just how the patent system will be reformed and what applicants can expect.
  • Companies are filing more U.S. patents than ever before, with IBM leading the innovation trend.
  • WIPO has put together a FAQ guide outlining their newly-launched ePCT system. Read more >

Are you interested in a broader look at global intellectual property trends from the last year? Check out our annual report which offers a look at the foreign filing strategies of U.S. patentees.

Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Good morning and Happy World IP Day from all of us at inovia!  Take a look at the latest headlines in foreign filing news for the week of April 22, 2013:

  • Here is a message from WIPO Director General Francis Gurry in which he reflects on his hope for the future of young innovators.
  • The United States and China led the pack in the number of published trademarks for 2012, while the total number published remained stagnant.
  • The amount of patent applications in China is increasing; however, this article explains how the quality of these applications is low.
  • Will the IPO recognize another innovation of green technology for the 2013 Inventor of the Year Award? This IPWatchdog article looks back at some of the previous winners.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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April Showers are in full force here in New York City on this dreary Friday morning! With that, we hope you are faring better in your neck of the woods. Take a look at the latest in foreign filing news from the week of April 8th:

  • Congratulations to all of the innovators honored at the Patents for Humanity Ceremony in DC last night. 
  • Australia has launched an online program geared at improving patent examination standards throughout the world.
  • India is set to join the Madrid Protocol, a system offering trademark owners the ability to register in member countries through a single application.
  • The nominees for European Inventor Award 2013 are out, check out what cutting-edge inventions made the list. 

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Top trademark classes registered in 2012

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Today, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reported that international trademark applications filed under the Madrid system grew 4% in 2012, with 44,018 total applications filed.  Germany was the largest user of the Madrid system with 6,545 applications filed, followed by the US (5,430) and France (4,100).

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Happy Friday everyone! Take a look at some of the foreign filing headlines from the week of March 18th:

  • A new report reveals the growing number of foreign-owned IP firms and the impact it’s had on U.S. consumers.
  • SIPO launched a new pilot patent prosecution highway program with the Austrian Patent Office.
  • WIPO released a report showing filings for patents, trademarks and industrial designs “saw continued growth in 2012.”
  • The EPO has updated its online training tool for site users, which includes interactive tours, searching strategies and more.

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