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AI Services Global Program Support

Global AI program support

AI leaders build upon a foundation of innovation readiness and processes. We help you set the stage for global AI deployments and see them through to success with the following services:

  • Global deployment needs analysis
  • Metrics and measurement design
  • AI solutions development
  • Outcomes-focused program management
  • Program assessment and improvement
  • Global business process outsourcing

Data provisioning

Acquiring good monolingual, single-culture data is challenging enough. Getting data to serve a multilingual, multicultural world requires a partner with a robust Global AI Services program that includes:

  • Data collection, mining and creation
  • Data aggregation and exploration
  • Linguistic asset creation
  • Natural language processing (NLP) component creation
AI Services Data Provisioning
AI Services Data Evaluation Enrichment

Data evaluation and enrichment

Human-annotated data is the key to successful machine learning. We annotate and organize your data so it works to optimize your customers’ experience through:

  • Data set evaluation
  • Data cleaning and validation
  • Data asset annotation and labelling
  • Transcription

Machine learning model validation

Test your ML model using representatives of your real-world target audiences to ensure successful global deployment of your engines using:

  • Model testing
  • Regional validation
  • Performance reporting
AI Services Machine Learning Model Validation
AI Services AI Model Deployment

AI model deployment

Take your new, global-ready AI engines out of the lab and into the real world with:

  • AI engine integration
  • Global operationalization and automation

AI model evaluation

Maximize the value of your global AI engines through continuous, automated evaluation and refinement for constant improvement within your target markets. We do this through:

  • AI engine testing
  • Feedback collection automation
  • Global, in-market ground truth testing
AI Services AI Model Evaluation

We are RWS

As global solutions experts, we have unlocked new markets for some of the biggest brands in the world, including all the “Fab Five” tech stocks and top 10 Pharmaceutical companies, 6 of the top 7 Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and 8 of the top 10 Medical Device companies. And we can do the same for you. Our globalization services include product and content strategy, translation and localization and machine translation pilots and deployments.

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