Workflow Management

Set up your tools and processes for future growth

Sound processes are at the heart of any truly productive and efficient localization program. As yours grows, your systems need to evolve to accommodate rising volumes, shrink turnaround times and reduce the cost of localizing content. End-to-end workflow design and management ensure agility in this fast-paced global landscape and a return on your technology investment.

At RWS, we know all the industry-leading tools and processes. We can look at the infrastructure you already have, recommend how to optimize it and then integrate your tools to create a smooth workflow that helps you get your products and content out to market quickly.

Here is how we approach workflow management.

Workflow Management


We get started by analyzing your program’s needs and auditing your current content development, translation and localization workflows and tools. Then, with productivity and process challenges in mind, we identify ways to enhance operations including:

  • Process improvements
  • Task automations
  • Team trainings
  • Tool optimizations


We might recommend additional tools—but only if needed. The goal is to optimize the tools you already have through:

  • Integrations and customizations—Your translation management system (TMS) and content management system (CMS) can be connected, streamlining the flow between content development and localization.
  • Custom development—When your tools cannot do everything you need, custom software or connections between systems can further improve workflows.
Workflow Management Optimize
Localization Process Workflow

Refine and improve

We provide ongoing services as your program changes to continually optimize for quality and agility, such as:

  • TMS consulting—Implementing a TMS is a crucial part of streamlining and scaling your localization program to handle fast and imminent growth, but choosing one can be overwhelming. We can help you define your requirements, select the best-fit TMS, deploy and customize it and train your teams.
  • Machine Translation deployment—A Machine Translation (MT) solution translates content automatically using engines trained with your existing translated corpus. Our expert MT team will help choose the right engines, customize workflows and optimize processes.

We are RWS

Our experts partner with the world’s leading companies to optimize, automate and connect technology workflows and processes to help take their localization programs to the next level. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to help you get the best ROI out of your toolset and improve your time-to-market.

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