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Centralize, control and automate your Translation Management System

Get the best in class translation management system for regulatory compliance. Centralize and automate your translation workflows in a highly secure environment with our modular translation management system. 

Leverage your translation memory and unify your terminology for accuracy and high-quality translations while increasing efficiency. 

MultiTrans offers an ultimate level of security and control, providing full cycle audit trails, which makes it the TMS of choice for regulated industries and confidential content.

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Key benefits

Take control of your translation projects with a flexible, modular solution that adapts to all your localization needs.
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Security and control.
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Process management and Automation.
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Intuitive editing environment.
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Business reporting.
Take control of your translation process with a MultiTrans.

Linguistic capabilities

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TextBase is our proprietary translation memory tool that features our unique and innovative “Advanced Leveraging Translation Memory” (ALTM) solution that collects and indexes all your reference documents translated into one or multiple languages.
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