Trados Studio Service Releases

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the latest Trados Studio Service Release.

What is Trados Studio 2021 SR1 and MultiTerm 2021 SR1?

Trados Studio 2021 Service Release 1 and MultiTerm 2021 Service Release 1 are comprehensive updates that contain a number of product enhancements and fixes. Service Releases (SR) are common practice within the software industry to ensure that users continue to get the best from their software investment.

What are the benefits of installing Trados Studio 2021 SR1?

By updating to SR1 you are able to benefit from a number of key enhancements to Trados Studio 2021 including:

Increased productivity with automatic tag placement:

  • Trados Studio 2021 now automatically inserts tags in your translation segment.
Enhanced support for working on cloud projects with Trados Live:
  • Offline project packages downloaded from Trados Live now include project translation memories (TM) and termbases, enabling users to work completely offline in Trados Studio
  • Better synchronization of project settings (including QA checker and tag verifier) when moving between Trados Studio and Trados Live
  • Ability to filter cloud projects in the Studio projects view, based on the SDL Account you are signed in with.
Terminology enhancements:
  • RWS Language Cloud
            - More accurate term recognition in Studio
            - New term recognition settings to bring more search flexibility and parity with MultiTerm.
  • Localized online help.          
Read the Release Notes for the full details and a complete list of all improvements.

What are the benefits of installing MultiTerm 2021 SR1?

Upgrade to MultiTerm 2021 SR1 to ensure full compatibility with Trados Studio 2021 SR1. In addition, you will also benefit from a number of key enhancements including: 

  • Improved usability when editing terms: Search, filter and quickly add picklist items using both mouse or keyboard
  • Faster listing of available termbases, browsing and adding of terms in both MultiTerm and Trados Studio.

How do I benefit from automatic tag placement?

Automatic tag placement works in the following scenarios:

  1. No TM match scenarios - you can select the ‘apply AutoTag’ command to add tags to a manually typed draft translation segment before confirming it. This speeds up applying formatting and tags and makes you more productive.
  2. Fuzzy TM matches - Studio will attempt to automatically apply tags to fuzzy matches found in the translation memory through fuzzy match repair. 
  3. Pre-translation - if fuzzy match repair is enabled in the project settings, tags will automatically be inserted into the target text during pre-translation.
Automatic tag placement works with file-based translation memories (TMs) that contain at least 1,000 translation units.  For more information, view our release notes
Please note: this feature is not yet compatible with cloud or server-based translation memories. Support for cloud and server TMs is planned for 2021.

Does automatic tag placement work with cloud and server-based translation memories?

No, at this time automatic tag placement only works with file-based translation memories in Trados Studio 2021. Support for server and cloud TMs is planned for later in 2021.

Why am I getting a tooltip to upgrade my translation memory?

With SR1 we have introduced automatic tag placement. This technology uses upLIFT technology to automatically insert tags in your target text. If you are working with TMs created in Trados Studio 2015 or earlier, you will be able to upgrade them to benefit from this feature. Studio will give you a gentle reminder with an orange icon and tooltip to recommend that you upgrade your TM.

If your TM has been created in Trados Studio 2017 or a later version, your TM is ready to work with upLIFT and will benefit from automatic tag placement straight away. However, if the orange icon and tooltip does appear, it is good to upgrade your TM for maximum efficiency as advised.

How do I upgrade my translation memories?

There are two ways through which you can upgrade your translation memories (TMs). Firstly, you can use the ‘Upgrade Translation Memories Wizard’ on the Trados Studio 'Welcome' screen, which enables you to use a batch task to upgrade multiple TMs at once. Alternatively, you can use the upgrade button once you have added the TM to your project. For more information, view our online help.

Some translators in my supply chain are not yet using Trados Live. Can I download a project package from Trados Live so that they can work completely offline in Trados Studio?

Those using a Trados Live Essential Business or a Trados Live Team subscription can download a project package from Trados Live, so that the recipient of the package can work completely offline in Trados Studio. With Trados Studio 2021 SR1, project packages downloaded from Trados Live now also include a project translation memory (TM) and termbase.

Please note: a project TM is a subset of a main TM, containing only the translation units from the main TM that are needed for a given project.

Are offline project packages downloaded from Trados Live compatible with Trados Studio 2017 and Trados Studio 2019?

Yes, those using Trados Studio 2017 and Trados Studio 2019 can open and work with offline project packages downloaded from Trados Live. However, these users will only be able to work with the SDLXLIFF and project translation memory (TM) inside the package. Offline termbases are only supported in Trados Studio 2021 SR1 or later.

RWS's machine translation capabilities now support over 3,000 language combinations. Are these available to me through my 500,000 character free monthly NMT allowance?

RWS offers neural machine translation capabilities for over 3,000 neural language combinations, all of which can be used in your free 500,000 character NMT allowance. This subscription can be used whilst working both in Trados Studio and in Trados Live.

If you are using Trados Studio 2021 or 2019, you can access RWS’s machine translation capabilities through your ‘Language Cloud’ provider settings in Studio. If you are using Trados Studio 2017 or 2015, you will need to download an app from the RWS AppStore to benefit from RWS's neural machine translation capabilities and these new language combinations.

Do I have to pay to install Trados Studio 2021 SR1?

No, Trados Studio 2021 SR1 is a free update for all Trados Studio 2021 customers.

If I already have Trados Studio 2021 installed, do I need to return this license before updating to SR1?

No, if you have an Trados Studio 2021 license installed on your computer, you will not need to return this license before you update to SR1.

How do I upgrade to Trados Studio 2021 SR1?

When opening Trados Studio 2021/MultiTerm 2021, if you are using AutoUpdate, the notification area in Trados Studio/MultiTerm will inform you about the availability of the download. If you do not use AutoUpdate, please follow the steps below to download Trados Studio 2021 SR1/MultiTerm 2021 SR1:

  1. Exit Trados Studio 2021 and MultiTerm 2021, and close any Microsoft Office applications.
  2. Login to your SDL Account.
  3. Go to the "Downloads" section. Once in the "Downloads" section, you will see that your Trados Studio 2021 SR1/MultiTerm 2021 SR1 download is clearly marked.
  4. Expand the new Trados Studio 2021 SR1/MultiTerm 2021 SR1 product name and you will find the SR1 downloads within:
    - Trados Studio 2021 SR1
    - MultiTerm 2021 SR1
  5. Click "Download" on each and save the executable files to your local hard disk. Once downloaded, run both executable files one at a time and follow the wizard driven process.
The Trados Studio 2021 SR1 installer will detect the currently installed Trados Studio 2021 software and uninstall it in the background before installing Trados Studio 2021 SR1.

If you have any problems with the installation or licensing of Trados Studio 2021 SR1, please submit a request on the Solution Finder.