Subscription or perpetual license — the choice is yours!

We have introduced subscription as a new way to purchase a selection of our translation productivity solutions, including Trados Studio Professional and Freelance editions. 

To help you make an informed decision, this page summarises the benefits of purchasing a license through an annual subscription or buying a perpetual license.

Why choose an annual subscription

When you purchase an annual subscription for Studio 2021, the initial cost may often be lower. However, you do not own the software outright, and access to the software is for the duration of your subscription. 

During your subscription, you will receive updates and service releases. You'll also receive upgrades to future editions of Studio, ensuring you continue to benefit from the new functionality and enhancements when released. 

With a subscription, you will have the flexibility to easily add extra licenses for new team members and also cancel at the end of your contract. 

Access to RWS Support is available at an additional cost.

Why choose a perpetual license

When you purchase a perpetual license for Studio 2021, the initial cost may be higher. However, the license does not expire and you own the software outright, meaning you may use it for many years to come. 

You will receive updates and service releases for Studio 2021 for as long as RWS supports the version. Should you wish to upgrade to future editions of Studio, you'll need to pay for the upgrade. 

Access to RWS Support is available through a Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) at an additional cost.

Trados Studio

Access to Trados Live

As part of Trados Studio 2021, you will receive access to Trados Live, our translation productivity cloud solution. 

For subscription customers, access to Trados Live's Essential Package is free for as long as your subscription remains active. 

Perpetual customers receive free access to Trados Live's Essential Package for 12 months from the day of purchase. After 12 months, perpetual customers will be able to renew their access to Trados Live's Essential Package as a separate, low-cost annual subscription.

Trados Live

The choice is yours!

It’s your choice as to whether you buy Studio 2021 with an annual subscription or a perpetual license. 

For organizations whose translation team needs to scale rapidly or have varying workloads, purchasing Studio 2021 licenses on an annual subscription may be the best option. Other companies who may prefer to fix their costs at the outset may prefer to opt for perpetual licenses. 

If you’re unsure which is the best way to purchase Studio 2021 for your organization, please get in touch.

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Which Trados solutions are available through subscription or perpetual license?

Solution Subscription Perpetual License
Trados Studio Professional
Trados Studio Professional - Network Edition
Trados Studio Freelance
Trados Studio Freelance Plus
Trados Studio Starter ✔ (Trados Live not included)
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