Patent Information

Patent Information


RWS leads the search service industry with traditional research services combined with crowdsourcing solutions, all powered by proprietary, innovative technology.

We serve a global client base including industry, law firms, licensing organizations and technology transfer offices with our in-house search teams and extensive network of over 40,000 researchers, providing powerful solutions to assist with strategic decision-making across the entire intellectual property (IP) life cycle.


Why is a patent search important to my portfolio?

With our comprehensive search services, you will gain valuable insight into the market that your patent will exist in and how viable it will become. Armed with this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions to protect your IP.

Solutions for every need

Our search solutions cover a range of IP needs, including: novelty, validity, freedom-to-operate, landscape, technology tracking/alerts, evidence of use and more.

Powered by proprietary, innovative technology

Quality results requires powerful platforms like PatBase and AOP Connect™.