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AOP Connect™ is your global connection to our Crowd of +40,000 researchers.

AOP Connect allows you to store, review, search full-text, rank, highlight and organize your prior art all in one central location. Quickly view performance statistics and progress from all of your crowdsourced searches, both ongoing and completed.


What is crowdsourcing and who is “the Crowd”?  

Crowdsourcing is defined as “the practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people”. In the context of intellectual property (IP), this is an ideal way to increase the scale of your searches in a manner that is both effective and cost efficient. The Crowd is our dedicated and highly-educated community of +40,000 individuals worldwide that has been built-up over a decade of strategic curation.


Types of crowdsourced searches

Searches can be tailored and utilized for any number of use cases: invalidity, risk awareness, patent landscaping, patent purchasing, claim broadening, licensing, freedom-to-operate, brand protection, standard mapping, claim mapping and more.

Levels of crowdsourced searches

RWS offers three levels of crowd-based searches (each of which can be customized further to fit your needs).

Level one: CrowdSearch

This search is open to the full crowd of +40,000 highly skilled IP researchers, each with their own search methodologies, professional backgrounds and personal resources. Primed for even the toughest litigation, this search offers the highest level of confidence in finding whatever it is you are looking for, whether that includes Non-Patent Literature or even physical evidence.

Level two: Invitation-only searches

These searches invite a set number of researchers (usually 4 or 10 researchers) based on their relevant industry experience, performance and availability. These searches are typically shorter in duration and more focused in scope than a full CrowdSearch; they are only available to those researchers who are handpicked to best match your search criteria.

Level three: Evidence of Use

Evidence of Use (EoU) searches map sets of claims from your patents to existing products and standards in the marketplace for the purposes of demonstrating use and value. EoU searches can also be used in mapping your current products to infringing or counterfeit products. These searches are most often performed with the full crowd, and, for patents, are run in batches of 10-30 for the best results. These searches allow you to filter through your full portfolio in a fraction of the time it would take to perform costly one-off searches.

Read more about our process in our Evidence of Use eBook.


The RWS process is designed to take the guesswork out of your searches with transparency and insight delivered in near real-time during the study. Through an iterative process, our team ensures that the research becomes more and more refined based on what is being discovered, allowing RWS to deliver the highest quality result.  Each study is guided with professionalism and expediency from start to finish.


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