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Becoming a Researcher at RWS is a rewarding experience. Over $8,000,000 has been paid to thousands of Researchers across the globe who have been successful in participating in our research opportunities.

Our Researchers have the chance to earn rewards across a variety of both public and private patent research opportunities.

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Each Study on our site offers a substantial monetary payment to the Researcher who provides the best submission. Choose from Studies that relate best to your education, experience and expertise and compete with other Researchers to win Study Rewards.

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In addition to the big reward for the Study Winner, some Researchers may also earn consolation rewards for their high-quality submissions to a Public Study. You may easily accumulate payments for submitting multiple submissions that closely match the requirements of the Study.

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About our Community

Members of our Crowd come from a wide range of backgrounds and include technical specialists providing first-person industry experience, patent experts analyzing global patent databases and research professionals identifying obscure evidence.

  • 72% hold degrees
  • 40% hold graduate degrees
  • 20% are based outside of the United States, with Researchers coming from 170 different countries

ExpertSearch™ Researchers

ExpertSearch Studies involve the very best performers from the Crowd, hand-picked to participate based on their knowledge of the Study technology.  Access to these Studies is through invitation only, based on overall Researcher performance and past success on the platform.

Our Experts have diverse backgrounds and education

  • 98% hold degrees
  • 72% hold advanced degrees
  • 39% hold doctorates
  • 45% are based outside of the United States, including Taiwan, Japan, Spain, South Korea, India, Singapore, Germany, France, China, Canada, Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom

FLASHSEARCH™ Researchers

FlashSearch Studies involve some of our most skilled Researchers from the Crowd, including Experts and those who excel at fast-paced research with a quick submission turnaround. Access to these Studies is by invitation only, based on overall Researcher performance and past success.

  • Diverse skillsets and research expertise across various fields
  • In recent years, research focus has been in Manufacturing and Engineering, Chemistry and Biology, Computer Science and Communications. Our clients also challenge our Crowd with more futuristic technologies, allowing our Researchers to delve more deeply into the areas they are most interested in

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Researchers with specific expertise, education, work history, etc. are being sought out by our clients for special projects. Researchers may earn guaranteed payments for their participation in these exclusive research projects.

To be invited to Invitation Only Studies, you need to be a member of the Study Expert Program. After completing your profile and filling out the required fields, the “Apply” button will be enabled on your profile —  simply click to apply.  Then, once you have participated in a few studies, we will review your application standing and decide on your acceptance as an Expert in the Study Expert Program.  For clarification, acceptance in the Program allows us to invite you to participate in the Invitation Only Studies.  If you are not an accepted Study Expert, you will not be eligible to receive an invitation.