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As the number of worldwide patents grows exponentially, you want to ensure you are making informed decisions to protect your intellectual property (IP).

RWS offers a complete suite of search services to match your needs: traditional and crowdsourced solutions powered by industry-leading technology. Each type of search provides critical insight to ensure you are making the most informed strategic decisions across the entire patent life cycle.



A search performed by our in-house Patent Analysts, using customized strategies, to identify prior art that is material to the novelty or patentability of an invention.


A search to test the strength and scope of an invention with patent protection. Range of services leveraging the combined power of our in-house Patent Analysts and Crowd Experts.


A Freedom-to-Operate search identifies cases relevant to the manufacture, sale or use of a specific product or process. Our tiered pricing structure provides a range of options; standard coverage is 20/25 years but can be extended on request.


Overview of patenting activity and scientific literature to highlight research trends. Analysis conducted via PatBase Analytics and other visualization tools.

Patent Watch

Alerts to keep up-to-date in your chosen field by tracking technology developments (classification and/or keywords) or competitor activity (applicants and/or inventors) according to a pre-agreed alert profile, the results of which are delivered directly to your inbox. Coverage can be worldwide across all PatBase records or with a specific geographical focus.

Evidence of Use (EoU)

A search utilizing crowdsourcing to identify opportunities for the monetization and valuation of patent portfolios. Evidence of Use is a means of identifying marketplace value, standard essential relevancy, and even infringement, by mapping patent claims to products, product literature, and/or standards and gathering evidence to support those mappings.

Our searches are powered by proprietary, innovative technology

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PatBase is a global platform and the only commercial database designed by professional searchers, for professional searchers.

Over 50,000 users worldwide have access to +109 million patent and related documents on a user-friendly interface available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Learn more about PatBase here.

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AOP Connect™ is your global connection to our Crowd of +40,000 research professionals.

AOP Connect allows you to store, review, full-text search, rank, highlight and organize your prior art all in one central location. Quickly view performance statistics and progress from all of your crowdsourced searches, both ongoing and and completed.

Learn more about AOP Connect here.

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