Filing Requirements

Filing Type: European Validation European Validation
Deadline: 3 months (from the date of publication of mention of grant)
London Agreement? No
Official Language: Khmer
Translations Required: Claims (Khmer)*
Forms: Yes
Country Notes: * Description must be in English.

• Non-member validation state


Established: 2000

Number of Professional Staff: 40

European Validation RWS European validation agent in Cambodia
National Phase Entry RWS PCT agent in Thailand
Direct Filing RWS Direct (Paris Convention) agent in Thailand

With qualified Thai patent agents and attorneys, and PhDs across numerous technical areas, Rouse works with international and Thai companies across almost every identifiable industry providing patent drafting, prosecution and litigation services.

The firm’s clients range from industry-leaders to newly formed start-ups, but all receive the same attention to detail, cost-consciousness and personal attention.

Rouse is regularly ranked as tier 1 patent firm in Thailand.

The firm is also known for being prompt in handling IP cases and is also fully IT supported using state of the art IT solutions to ensure safe and fast communication with their clients.


• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Chemical
• Electronics
• Life Sciences
• Mechanical
• Pharmaceutical
• Physics
• Semi-conductor

Contact Information


Two Pacific Place,
Unit 1401-3, 14th Floor,
142 Sukhumvit Road,
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110,