Filing Requirements

Filing Type: European Validation European Validation
Deadline: 3 months (from the date of publication of mention of grant)
London Agreement? No
Official Language: Romanian
Translations Required: Yes
Forms: Yes

Patentmark S.R.L.

Established: 1990

Number of Professional Staff: 16

European Validation RWS European validation agent in the Republic of Moldova and Romania

Patentmark intervenes in all types of Intellectual Property Rights: patents, trademarks, models, domain names, plant varieties and copyrights.

For over 80 years, Patentmark has served and continues to effectively serve its clients. Its tools and procedures have constantly developed to meet its clients’ requirements and needs.

Patentmark avails itself of a rich and diversified experience enabling it to remain the major reference in the field of intellectual property in Romania.

Patentmark is assisted by a network of carefully selected correspondents in all countries that allows it to respond quickly and effectively throughout the world.

Their clients are assured of their daily commitment in the acquisition and defence of their Intellectual Property rights.


• Biotechnology
• Chemical Science
• Electrical
• Genetics
• IT
• Mechanical
• Pharmaceutical
• Software

Contact Information


2, Dr. N. Tumescu Str.
050467 Bucharest,