European Validation RWS European validation agent in Hungary

Danubia was established in 1949. Danubia is the largest and oldest IP firm in Hungary and it is the only firm that has been awarded No. 1 position in all segments of IP by the annual surveys of Managing Intellectual Property in each year since such surveys have been prepared. The professional experience accumulated during the firm’s nearly 70 years long existence provides the basis of the high quality and reliable services.

The firm’s professional services cover the whole field of intellectual property (IP) protection and include obtaining, maintaining, defending and enforcing IP rights, searching existing rights and market uses, giving pretrial opinions and representing clients in litigation. Special service branches provide valuation of inventions and brands, professional assistance in drafting and negotiating know-how and license agreements, compensation agreements between employers and employees.


• Biochemistry
• Biotechnology
• Chemistry (agricultural, analytical, environmental, organic, pharmaceutical, polymer …)
• Crop Science
• Electronics, Digital Electronics
• IT
• Mechanical Engineering
• Medical Diagnostics
• Metallurgy
• Molecular Biology
• Optics
• Physics
• Surgical Instruments
• Telecommunications (communications systems/technologies, broadcast and data broadcast technology)

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P.O. Box 198,
H-1368 Budapest,


16 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út,
H-1051 Budapest,