European Validation RWS European validation agent in the Netherlands

As a modern, innovative and ambitious company, DOGIO Patents continuously aims to get a sense of what systems and services their clients need most. That is why they put their focus on IT-developments that make everything surrounding patent and brand protection easier, safer and more efficient. From this philosophy they have for example developed a completely automated 24/7 validation service and an automatic balance check of patent depots. And on top of it, they are currently developing an annuity fee payment system providing a high service grade demanded in future. This way, their clients can focus on what really matters: ease, contents and quality.


• Biotechnology
• Chemistry
• Electronics
• Mechanics

Contact Information


P.O. Box 2350,
1200 CJ Hilversum,
The Netherlands


Oude Enghweg 16,
1217 JC, Hilversum,
The Netherlands