Machine Translation Services

We advise our clients where machine translation is suitable and can build this into an existing workflow, where appropriate, to offer a faster and more cost-effective solution. This would include instances where the volume of content would not be realistic for a human translator, for reasons of cost and/or speed.

Is machine translation the right fit?

With the growing demand for information and data, organizations must produce, manage and translate large amounts of content at speed. Technological advances mean organizations can consider the use of machine translation to help them handle this growing demand.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our translation engines are individually trained for specific industries, meaning we can provide machine translations that are flexible enough to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Machine translation does not provide a like-for-like solution when it comes to the style, consistency and exceptional quality delivered by subject specialist human translators. Therefore, it is not suitable for every scenario and should not be approached in isolation but as a supplementary service to complement and empower human effort.

Our machine translation services will help you:

  • Cut costs compared to 100% human translation
  • Achieve better speed to market for high volume projects

Our machine translation services

  • Advice and consultancy: learn how to introduce machine translation into your translation workflow.
  • Engine training: let us train your engine with your data to ensure the highest level of quality for your machine translation output.
  • Style guide creation: work with us to create a style guide that focuses on what is important for you and helps to define the post editing effort you need.
  • Gist translation: raw translation for a quick overview of the content of your documents.
  • Post-editing: raw machine translation with modification by our translators to create the final output.
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