RWS is committed to helping companies deliver consistent, accurate and reliable communications.

We provide a full range of language services to major players in the global chemical industry.

Our team includes qualified chemists and chemical engineers who are subject-specialist linguists, translating into their native language. Our expertise covers catalysts, petrochemicals, speciality chemicals, paints and coatings, plastics, and polyurethanes.

Typical projects include:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • EHS information
  • Materials handling documentation
  • Process reports
  • Production data
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Product brochures
  • Websites and digital content
  • Training materials
  • Press releases
  • Packaging information

Language support across the product lifecycle

RWS is the sole supplier to a global chemical company. Our strong technical background and expertise in our client’s operational fields allows us to offer support throughout the entire lifecycle of its products.

As a result of our long-standing partnership, we have developed a thorough knowledge of our client’s global brand, helping us to support the delivery of its global message through a single, unified voice. Our team provides technical, legal, marketing, HR and corporate communications translation support.

Technology facilitates centralized translation management

Looking to centralize the management of its translation procurement, a global chemical company appointed RWS as its preferred global supplier. To ensure consistency and avoid duplication across the client’s different locales, we implemented a translation management platform, terminology management and regular reviews with a dedicated account team. We now provide the company with translations in over 20 language combinations to sites in North and South America, Europe and China.

Delivering a consistent global voice through translation memories and glossaries

We have been providing translation and interpreting services to a Fortune 500 chemical company for over 15 years. By developing translation memories and glossaries and keeping up to date industry reference materials, we remain aligned with our client’s global voice.

We support locales in Europe and Asia Pacific to translate the following documents into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Malay and Chinese:

  • Corporate communications (e.g. newsletters, staff training, websites and marketing brochures)
  • HR communications (e.g. policies, code of conduct and announcements)
  • Legal work (e.g. contracts and terms and conditions)
  • SAP localization and training
  • Subtitling, voiceovers and DTP
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