RWS is committed to helping companies deliver consistent, accurate and reliable communications.

When representing the largest institutions in the world, or working as in-house counsel, you need translations of impeccable quality, attention to detail, responsiveness and quick delivery.

RWS understands your requirements because we have been working with the legal sector for over half a century, with clients from all practice areas including international law firms and corporate legal departments who regularly depend on us to provide expert legal, financial and technical translations.

We serve as a partner throughout the entirety of any case, from helping find relevant documents at discovery, providing certified translations to help meet tight submission deadlines to placing interpreters at trials and hearings.

Practice areas:

  • Arbitration/ADR
  • Antitrust/competition
  • Banking and finance
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Intellectual property
  • Investigations
  • Litigation
  • Real estate


Since our establishment in 1958, we have been handling commercially sensitive documentation on a daily basis and are committed to ensuring the ongoing confidentiality of your materials.

  • Robust in-house IT procedures cover all aspects of security from building, network and IT security, to specific confidentiality agreement policies. From password control to virus and anti-malware defence to annual penetration testing on our entire network.
  • Free of charge translation management portal allows for RSA 2048 bit SSL-encrypted file transmissions and enables you to easily and efficiently manage, monitor and track all your translation projects.
  • For clients prohibited from sending documentation out externally, we help by placing translators on-site at your office. Alternatively, work can be performed on-site at our offices on non-networked devices.


By only using translators with expert knowledge of the subject matter, source text is correctly understood and accurately rendered in the target language. Many of our specialist legal translators are qualified lawyers with years of hands-on experience.

RWS is different as we utilise not only highly qualified in-country translators but also our own extensive team of in-house translators and revisers. This means greater capacity, faster delivery and better control over cost and quality.

Delivering a 90% saving through targeted translation

Having been inundated with a high volume of Turkish documents, our client, a leading corporate investigations firm, asked RWS to translate over 200,000 words on an expedited basis. Realizing there was significant overlap and understanding that our client was only interested in specific sections, we arranged for one of our qualified linguist team to visit the client’s office and work through the files. Over a two day period we were able to deliver a 90% saving by identifying only the relevant information for translation.

Expedited translations for High Court litigation

With an existing provider struggling to meet a filing deadline, we were approached by a specialist litigation firm in London to help them meet this milestone. RWS was able to use its scale to deploy a large team of linguists at short notice to translate a high volume of Arabic documentation for a High Court litigation.

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