Process Optimization Services

For many organizations, the translation process is both complex and time-consuming, with documents shared, stored, modified and verified by a number of teams. Our process optimization services can help to organize this into a more cost-effective and efficient process by streamlining and harmonizing workflows, automating tasks and delivering a more efficient interface between your business, its partners and clients.

Optimizing processes and workflow design

Our process optimization experts can evaluate every task from file handling and data engineering to translation modification and verification, to propose a seamless translation process from source material through to the final product; or simply examine particular tasks or transitions to be improved.


Our process optimization services will:

  • Reduce repetitive manual tasks
  • Maximize effectiveness of current systems
  • Improve processes through tried and tested technologies
  • Offer both immediate impact and long-term solutions


Process optimization through automation and support of manual tasks

Our optimization work particularly focuses on assuring seamless integration between partners’ workflows and adding new tasks into existing workflows. By programming plugins, connectors, interfaces, scripts, macros and desktop applications, we introduce automation to take over repetitive tasks, accelerate manual tasks and synchronize data between partners’ systems.

As part of the optimization process, we analyze existing workflows, evaluate all possible extensions of the systems and tools used, talk with the people involved about their challenges and propose various solutions.

Pragmatic optimization solutions

Our process optimization recommendations are designed to have an instant effect, relieving internal pressures and improving quality of results, taking into account:

  • The real environment of our clients
  • Their individual needs and goals
  • Their skills and the tools they use


“RWS’s process optimization services aim to give every worker in a supply chain the opportunity to focus on their most relevant and creative works while taking over their repetitive tasks.”

Our process optimization services

We support our clients at all levels of innovation:

Workflow assessment and consulting

We assess the existing environment, systems and workflows to uncover new automation opportunities and share our experience and best practice. This includes optimizing processes through advanced tool configuration and introducing new programmes, methods and custom development.

Custom development: plugins

Using APIs to extent system functionality.

Custom development: connectors

Using web services to connect client and provider systems and networks for an improved file sharing experience.

Custom development: interfaces

To create direct connections between independent systems for data synchronization.

Custom development: scripts and macros

To support manual tasks through short but effective code in popular editors like Excel, Word or Notepad++, mail applications like Outlook and database queries through SQL and web technologies.


We stay in contact and share new findings that might improve existing workflows and accelerate the translation process.

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