Professional Services

Professional services

RWS’s professional services team work hard so you don’t have to. We leverage technologies such as translation memory (TM), machine translation (MT) and workflow management systems to help our clients optimize each step of the translation process.


Increasing potential through process optimization

Our team of in-house experts continuously develop and refine processes to ensure our solutions work for you. Our team can help you optimize your internal translation processes and interfaces, working with you from the planning stage to design and implementation of an efficient and cost-effective approach to translation management.

Services available:

  • Support on process and interface optimization
  • Advice on best practice translation management and process design
  • Interface development for optimized data exchange
  • Connectors to streamline processes between specialist systems
  • Advice on server and user configurations
  • Advice on, design and implementation of MT solutions
  • User training and support

Machine Translation

Our team has specific expertise in machine translation development.

We help you to assess the benefits, feasibility and right approach to support your specific requirements. We can manage a solution for you or help you to configure and implement a solution in conjunction with the right translation management solution.

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