Terminology Management Services

Our terminology services are flexible to meet the individual needs of our clients. We can support you on a specific area of the terminology workflow, advise your teams on best practice methods or manage the complete terminology process on your behalf.

Terminology management: one voice in every language

Terminology is a central factor in the translation process. Without clearly structured terminology, communications can be linguistically unclear and in extreme cases, incomprehensible.

Providing your team with a suite of approved industry phrases, synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations, with guidance on when they should be used, will ensure accuracy and consistency in your communications.


RWS’s guidance and support on terminology and style preferences and multilingual glossary management is critical to ensure our corporate message is consistent across all communications, whatever the language.

Our terminology management services ensure:

  • a clear and consistent corporate voice
  • cost savings through the reuse of terminology
  • better speed to market through reduced translation time
  • improved search engine optimization (SEO) with target keywords
  • increased legal certainty in corporate communications

Our terminology services

Supporting our clients through the whole terminology lifecycle.

  • Advice and consultancy: We offer guidance and support on the introduction and implementation of terminology management.
  • Review: We analyse and clean existing terminology glossaries or databases to fulfil client standards.
  • Extraction: We extract terminology from source and target texts to create a glossary or database.
  • Search: We research technical terms and meta-data to add to the glossary or database.
  • Creation: We advise clients on how they can develop their source and target language terms.
  • Workflow management: We install, setup and maintain tailored workflow management systems to improve the efficiency of terminology workflows.
  • Validation: We validate terms to ensure they are used in the correct context in both the source and target languages.
  • Glossary/database management: We continually manage the terminology glossary or database, from planning its structure to adding and amending vocabulary as terminology changes.
  • Training: We equip clients to manage terminology themselves, from understanding the theory to the technology and tools needed to make it work.
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