Terminology is a central factor in the translation process. Without clearly structured terminology, translations can be linguistically unclear and in extreme cases, incomprehensible.

The creation of guidelines and a central termbase improves the accuracy and consistency of translations by providing linguists with a set of approved terminology rules and a suite of approved terms in source and target languages.

Do you need help managing terminology?

Our team can manage the entire terminology process to deliver:

  • A clear and consistent corporate voice
  • Cost savings through the reusability of terminology
  • Speed to market through reduced translation time
  • Increased legal certainty in corporate communications
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO) with target keywords

Our terminology services include:

  • Advice on the introduction and implementation of terminology management
  • Linguistic analysis and evaluation of existing terminology
  • Terminology extraction
  • Clean-up/validation of terminology
  • Creation of source and target language terminology guides
  • Terminology workflow management
  • Employee workshops/training courses on terminology work

Style guides

Effective translation/localization projects require stakeholders to adopt a consistent stylistic approach. RWS can help you create a simple and easy to use style guide to ensure your brand is communicated consistently both within and across documents.

A style guide is a practical and indispensable tool that helps translators to recreate your global brand voice in local markets and provide a consistent customer experience.

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